Join us as we go across the planet in search of the famous and the everyday heroes who are about the business of saving our natural world. Tatum's Wildlife Heroes always starts each weekly adventure from the Great Los Angeles Zoo where we get tremendous close up takes of the world's most remarkable animals. Plus remarkable close-ups of the hearts and souls of the heroes and sheroes who work there. The second segment appearing in our half-hour television program literally comes from anywhere in the world. From an Elephant Eden made by Carol Buckly for pensioned off Pachyderms in Hohenwald Tennessee, to the island of Dasen of the coast of Africa where we meet Philip Seddon who is saving JackAss Penguins. There is absolutely no where in this world we don't go to find a Wildlife Hero!! Please go to our contact page if you have a Wildlife Hero in your life.

*In Southern, California watch us on the Adelphia Systems Channel 10 Thursday evenings @ 8:30p.m. and Sundays @ 10:00a.m.

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